About George Xu

About “George” Xu Guo Ming

Internationally known for his teaching method, George Xu is one of the highest regarded martial artists in the world. He is in constant demand to give seminars all over the US, Europe, and China. With this in mind he offers several seminars each year in San Fransisco, as well as the annual Tai Chi Summer Camp, as well as special events such as the 2010 China Camp.

For the past 45 years, George Xu has scowered China seeking out the top Internal Martial Arts Grand Masters in the world. From each one he has learned their secrets. For the past 30 years he has been teaching these secrets openly to anybody who wishes to learn authentic martial arts of the highest level.

Though he began training in the art of Hsin Yi at the age of 19 and has trained in numerous arts since, he is most noted for his accomplishments with Chen Style Tai Chi. This is due predominately to winning a Gold Medal in the Chinese Martial Arts Games in this particular art.

Before he moved to America to pursue his career teaching Martial Arts, Xu earned a PhD in Mathematics. This formal education enables him to present high levels of information in a clear, concise, and systematic way that is easy to understand.

Even with so much time in training, Grand Master Xu still pursues higher levels of knowledge. Perhaps it is this constant quest for personal growth and the desire to share what he discovers that presented him with the opportunity to be the President of WACIMA, the Worldwide Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. This is the most prestigious Chinese Internal Martial Arts organization in the world, with the top masters that the world has to offer. He has also directed the formation of the United States branch of WACIMA, as well as the formation of the Xu Shen Chuan martial arts system. The objective of Xu Shen Chuan is to apply George Xu’s Undefeatable Secrets to any martial art.

At this time in his life it is Grand Master Xu’s biggest desire to leave a legacy of the highest possible level of martial arts knowledge. With this in mind, he will hold nothing back- teaching everything that he possibly can. All he asks is that his students show up with a good attitude and put forth their best effort.

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